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Dominican taxi drives by Polibio Díaz

Dominican taxi drives
By Polibio Díaz
It was while visiting a friend in Manhattan, during my Davidoff Art Initiative (DAI) residency in NYC, (2014) that a friend asks a cap for me to return to Inwood where I was staying, to my surprise the taxi happen to be from a Dominican taxi company, and a taxista obvio, dominicano. Once he knew I was Dominican, he starts telling me the history of his life. Right that minute I realize that I had an unpolished Diamond, ever since I start taking taxis with my camera loaded, and star filming & interview them.
During one studio visit at the International Studio & Curational Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn, where I had my studio, the show included photographs , some unedited clip of the Dominican taxi together with thing that I collected from the Dominican flee market of Inwood. I remember one curator, which like it so much all that sancocho which recommended the book The future of nostalgia by Svetlana Boym.
In all these dominicanYork series, nostalgia is always present near the hart of almost all inmigrants, that’s why when I return to DR, I start shouting here so to be part of the final edition.
Today various mayor taxi company had erase from the map theses Dominican and others company.
So many layers to be unfold too much nostalgia that hunts us to theses day.


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