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Dominican taxi drives by Polibio Díaz

Dominican taxi drives By Polibio Díaz It was while visiting a friend in Manhattan, during my Davidoff Art Initiative (DAI) residency in NYC, (2014) that a friend asks a cap for me to return to Inwood where I was staying, to my surprise the taxi happen to be from a Dominican taxi company, and a … Lire la suite

Insular Dialogues / Dialogos insulares : Polibio Díaz / Joiri Minaya

INSULAR DIALOGUES / DIALOGOS INSULARES Polibio Díaz / Joiri Minaya       November 15th – December 4th, 2015 4:00 – 6:30 PM ______________ JVS Project Space 176 East 106th Street, 4th Floor, New York City Bet. Lexington and 3rd Avenues On november 15th, Opening of recent photographs and video work by these two contemporary … Lire la suite

Re-defining cultural relations in Santo Domingo’s urban art space.

This essay focuses on analyzing how certain discourses from recent Caribbean art use the landscape and, more specifically, the representation of the urban environment to establish notions of Caribbean identity that contest the presuppositions of the official map. Since the Nineties, there have been proposals that redefine the way we view the land and the … Lire la suite

Conversation with Polibio Diaz

Polibio Díaz Born in Dominican Republic in 1952. Now living and working in the Dominican Republic.   Carlos Garrido Castellano: How did you first become interested in photography? Polibio Díaz: I wanted to study civil engineering at  the University of Texas A & M, where I came across a course on photojournalism and enrolled. … Lire la suite

Conversation with Jorge Pineda

Jorge Pineda Born in the Dominican Republic in 1961. Now living and working in the Dominican Republic.   Carlos Garrido Castellano: How did you get your start in drawing?      Jorge Pineda: I have always been drawing since I was very young: I don’t remember starting at a particular time. But now that you mention it, … Lire la suite

Raquel Païewonsky invited at the next Venice biennal with Quintapata Could you  tell me first the different stages or steps of your artistic research from Vestial exhibited in Martinique in 2004 to now?  Vestial was a very important project for me, I presented it during the Caribbean Biennale in 2001, that was the year that I moved back to the Dominican Republic  from … Lire la suite

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