ARC : Art. Recognition. Culture

ARCARC Magazine is a non-profit print and online publication and platform launched in January of 2011, that seeks to fill a certain void by offering a critical space for contemporary artists to present their work while fostering and developing critical dialogues and opportunities for crucial points of exchange. It is an online and social space of interaction with a developed methodology of sharing information about contemporary practices, exhibitions, partnerships, and opportunities occurring in the Caribbean region and throughout its diasporas.

ARC is dedicated to showcasing artwork that encapsulates a pan-Caribbean focus while highlighting the lack of boundaries that now exist in the midst of the Internet and post information age. We are interested in promoting and underlining the current regional focus on sustainability for creative industries while engaging with a specified target audience, mostly comprised of emerging artists from the developing states. We work closely and collaboratively with contributors and artists from the inception of a project to ensure that the highlighted conversations and projects are seen in the most considerate light. Our editorial philosophies and practice take into consideration the dynamic of a collective enterprise, a place for experimentation, interrogation and cultivating and nurturing the spirit of criticality and action.

ARC is an important developing brand that brings together the visual discourses that are occurring currently in the Caribbean on a daily basis. New technologies are changing the material production and diffusion of images and what we are interested in at ARC is the fact that we are all now plugged in and interacting with an oversaturated image and information field. By opening this field of discourse we are hoping to expand the context of creative productions while motivating the younger generation in ways previously unrecognized and untapped.

ARC Magazine is shifting the way things are done amongst contemporary creative individuals and institutions in the region. It is a progressive paradigm that attempts to identify new methodologies and networks. This type of social and virtual activism is at the core of what we do, we want to be able to give each emerging artists the possibility to connect with each other, works that are being generated and emerging fields that are unknown.

ARC Magazine has organized numerous collaborative projects and curatorial investigations in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Barbados, Jamaica, and elsewhere. These events are designed to create an additional context for and expansion of the viability of the magazine, acting as a platform on which we develop partnerships and alignments needed to promote growth and cultural autonomy.

ARC Magazine is a non-profit bi-annual, independent visual arts magazine made possible by the subscription and support of its readers. ARC is a projected motion that ascends, moves outward and beyond into a space of curiosity.


+ To showcase artwork that encapsulates a pan-Caribbean focus, also paying respect to meta-archipelago lack of boundaries and center. We aim to connect artists in the diaspora, with artists practicing in the region and continental Caribbean.

+ Offers a portal where grassroots, independent, academic and social artistic groups share interests, practices and principles, while privileging the collective processes.

+ To promote the disruption of Borders; geographical, economic and symbolic.

+ To stimulate sharing and creativity by providing an outlet for self-expression and uniqueness.

+ Encourages the sustenance of our intangible and tangible heritages while building a deeper understanding of the value and need for artists’ works.

+ To build awareness, creating dialogues and opportunities that expand creative culture.

+ Embraces diversity and plurality of individuals and perspectives regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital status, and sex or gender identity.

+ Engages with literary and visual arts in a way that reflects the power and dynamic of both traditions.

+ To isolate and focus on the cultural eco-system of the region as one that is a delicate and sensitive part of our economy, by analyzing its progression, composition and functionality we are able to observe the temporal and ephemeral nature through which the artist deconstructs, assimilates and activates his or her space.


Une réflexion sur “ARC : Art. Recognition. Culture

  1. Projet et article bien structurés et clairs présentant ARC MAGAZINE et ses missions; missions qui apparaissent comme un vaste programme très attendu sans doute par l’ensemble des artistes et potentiellement intéressant pour nos régions : éveil à la culture artistique, échanges, initiation à des genres divers , mise en valeur de créations d’artistes de la diaspora Caribéenne et sud américaine afin d’en rapprocher les membres par delà les frontières .

    Publié par Asselin de Beauville M.B. | 27 novembre 2013, 20 h 23 min

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