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Is there such a thing as contemporary Caribbean history painting?

We have an example of it in the exhibition Claude Cauquil, Martinique 1920-2020 at the Martinique Territorial Archives. So why not discuss the question whether the genre was strongly present in the Caribbean before the modern era? In what ways did 19th century Caribbean history painting differ from the norms of academic history painting in … Lire la suite

Modernism in the Caribbean Basin

DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS IN THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE VISUAL ARTS WEBINAR OCTOBER 13 th Three critical and historical perspectives on how modernism arose and developed in the Caribbean Basin in the context of dictatorship, civil war, social unrest, and decolonization converge in the presentations of this webinar, witnessing profound changes in cultural realities, social, political, … Lire la suite

L’Oeil du lézard: Arthur Francietta

To further contribute to the international dissemination of Caribbean art, Aica Caraïbe du Sud has created a series of short trilingual videos visible on its website, on YouTube and broadcast on a regional television channel. After a long interruption due to the health context, a new issue on the visual artist Arthur Francietta has just … Lire la suite

Beat Streuli : Martinique 2002  

In late 2002, Streuli photographed and filmed on the island of Martinique using a digital, an analog and a video camera. Twenty years later, this stay results in three different projects presented under the title Martinique 2002. The 264-page book Martinique 2002, with over a hundred images from one of Streuli’s first digital series, and an extensive … Lire la suite

Whispering breezes. Venice Biennale, 2022.

Part 2; Sounding Waters. Zot Konn-Yeman/ or They Know-The Wise. “They Know”, I felt the reverberation of voices pouring from my ears to my body. I was at Groggia Little Theater. “They Know”, I heard repeating. Again, whistling. The sound of shaken seeds. Images of tropical plants trapped in a greenhouse were printed on traditional … Lire la suite

Akuzuru : The Healing chambers

A k u z u r u On Art and Healing: Permutations and Transmutations of Self-Healing in my Praxis I have embarked on this wondrous journey in art envisioning toward realizing the vibrationally decisive advancement of the human consciousness. The awareness of the Supra-Mind lies on the foundation of self-healing, which intrinsically lies on the … Lire la suite

Self-healing with Iyawo

*Iyawó is Holly Bynoe name for the initiation period as priestess in the Afro Caribbean tradition Lucumî/La Regla de Ocha The healing and self-healing thematic is now coming up more and more frequently in the creations and reflections of artists. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Healing a Broken World seminar and digital publication, the Reset … Lire la suite

Whispering breezes: Venice Biennale, 2022 Part 1: Talkative walls

By Maica Gugolati I have never missed a Venice Art Biennale in my life. At my first Venice Art Biennale I was one year old. My mother, a visual artist and sculpture professor, always brought her family to this event. Growing up in Verona located 120 km from Venice, made it relatively easier for us … Lire la suite


Human Museum-Trocadero  » Feb -March 07 « – paris / Joburg Art Fair – Johannesburg  » March 2008″. “Aferkiw” demonstrates in its total splendor its strong virtues which have been known to accompany women in ancient Africa, an era when women were heads of the family, village chiefs, tribal warriors, priestesses, pharaohs, queens, and possessors or … Lire la suite


©Kanawa, caravelle &Co, work in progress KANAWA, CARAVEL & CO According to Michel Foucault’s concept, the boat epitomises a heterotopia, that is, « a thing floating in space, a place without a place, that lives by itself, enclosed on itself and at the same time given up to the infinity of the sea. From port to … Lire la suite

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