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Deadline to submit applications : January 21 st, 2021



Fondation Fiminco has invested a former industrial site in Romainville, on the outskirts of Paris and accessible by the metro, to create a place that supports artists from all over the world and open to all audiences. Each year, the Fondation Fiminco hosts an 11 months residency to artists of different nationalities, giving them the opportunity to develop their work and their research. Designed for artists, this project aims to provide space, tools, and support to create a working environment for artists, across disciplinary practices.
The aim of the Fondation is not to build and show a collection, but to support artists throughout their creative process, accompanying their professional and artistic development

Inaugurated in October 2019, the project covers 11,000 square meters in five separate buildings, including a monumental 14-metre-high boiler room that has become an exhibition space. This unique site brings together the international artists’ residency of Fondation Fiminco, exhibition spaces, four art galleries – Air de Paris, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Galerie Sator et In Situ fabienne leclerc – an association, Jeune Création, an art and design school, Parsons Paris, a book design and publishing house, Laurel Parker Book, and the new storage facility of the Fonds régional d’art contemporain Île-de-France.
New partners are expected in 2021: two art galleries, Maëlle Galerie and Bonny Poon, as well as a printing agency, Après Midi Lab.


The primary objective of the residency is to provide artists with a privileged environment for research and production. The artists will be accompanied by the Fondation’s team throughout their residency. They will benefit from an environment that facilitates collaboration with other residents and with external organisations.
Artists will have artistic and technical support according to their needs and the requirements of the project that they wish to develop: technical assistance with production, administrative support, and assistance with communication and networking. French as a foreign language courses will be offered to international artists to facilitate their integration and help with daily exchanges required during the residency.

Each resident artist will have a furnished studio, between 20 and 25 m2, with a bathroom and internet connection. Residents share communal kitchens and living spaces.
Two types of workshops will be available to artists-in-residence: collective workshops, shared between several artists, and production workshops, dedicated to specific artistic mediums.
Each artist-in-residence will have a dedicated space in a collective workshop, with furniture (table and a small storage cabinet).Artists-in-residence will also have access to production workshops equipped within the residency building: engraving, screen printing, photography, video and graphic studios. For the screen printing and engraving workshops, residents will be able to benefit from the support of a workshop supervisor, according to a work schedule established by the Fondation. Supervisors will also be able to accompany residents in learning new skills and practices.

Production assistance of up to 4,000 euros (Tax included) for the duration of the residency,will be allocated to artists on proof of purchase and with the supervision of the production team.




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