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L’oeil du lézard : Valérie John

For a more significant contribution to the promotion of Caribbean art internationally, Aica Southern Caribbean has opted for the creation of a series of short videos online in French English and Spanish.
This series, depending on the partners’ agreement, aims at introducing contemporary Caribbean visual artists from the entire archipelago.
Initiated by Dominique Brebion from Martinique, the series will focus first on some artists from the Caribbean

This vidéo presents Valerie John from Martinique 

Gilles Elie-dit-Cosaque was in charge of the credits.

Vianney Sotes  edited the pictures.

Dominique Brebion   wrote the text and the reader is  Frédéric Guilbaud

Having thrown the video, click below on the right to see in full screen


2 réflexions sur “L’oeil du lézard : Valérie John

  1. Fascinating work…thanks.

    Publié par allen | 17 janvier 2019, 13 h 20 min


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