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Informal artists’residences in Vauclin catalogue available online

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Given both its geographical location and insular characteristics, Martinique appears at first sight like an open space, a crossroads of various influences, Western, American, African and Oriental. Thus, it is all about opening to artists the doors of an island enriched with all these cultural inspirations and embrace Martinique as a whole genuine artist studio

Therefore, artists are invited to stay on the island for one to two weeks, taking up the challenge to create on the spot unique and original artworks, suffused with the Martinican soul.

The local nature and culture then become powerful sources of inspiration for artists from all over the world, either for painters, draftsmen, sculptors, video artists or photographers.

Later on, these original artworks created in a tropical environment are exhibited beyond Martinique’s borders, spreading abroad the entire island’s tropical wealth.

These artists’ residences have already hosted the creations of Noritoshi Hirakawa (Japan), Erwin Wurm (Austria), Beat Streuli (Switzerland), Sophie Von Hellerman (Germany) Aleksandra Mir (Poland), Henrik Hakansson (Sweden), David Claerbout ( Belgium), Wilhem Sasnal (Poland), Michaël Sailstorfer (Germany), Mathew Brannon ( USA), Alexandre Da Cunha ( Brazil), Daniel Sinsel ( Germany )  Keith Edmier (U S A ) et Rogalski Zbigniew ( Poland ) , Michel Blazy (France), Rafal Bujnowsky (Poland) et Jordan Wolfson (USA) Johannes Wohnseifer (Germany), Alicja Kwade (Poland).

Now the entire catalogue recently edited is available online. Check our website:

This catalogue revisits the different artists’ residences in Vauclin and also the round the world itinerary of some of these artworks created in Martinique: among others the streets portraits from the series Fort-de-France by Beat Streuli exhibited on the exterior wall of Jablonka the contemporary art gallery in Cologne; Sophie Von Hellermann’s paintings in Bâle’s art fair, Henrik Hakansonn’s video work in Palais de Tokyo for the Tropico-Vegetal (lost in Paradise) exhibition, Tue Greenford’s video work in the Pestival 2009; also a video work by Michel Blazy shown at the Art-Concept Gallery, and in Le Plateau Art Center, the underwater photographs by Michael Sailstorfer exhibited in the Galerie Zéro in Milan… Some of these artworks have remained on the different locations, for example, the black sand sculpture of Cyparis presented to the city of Saint-Pierre by Raphael Bujnowsky, after being exhibited in Germany and in Reykjavik’s Art Fair.

This catalogue also keeps alive the tracks of a natural or architectural past that has disappeared now: the walls of the Lareinty factory or the coconut groves in Pointe Faula (Aleksandra Mir), or La Rotonde in Fort-de-France (Noritoshi Hirakawa).

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Please log on to and give your opinion in details… The three most relevant statements will be published on the aica-sc blog and their authors will receive an issue of the catalogue.



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