Noritoshi Hirakawa

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The Feminine Body in Caribbean Contemporary Art.

Representing the human body has always been preponderant in the Fine Arts. In Painting, Sculpture, Photography it has become a privileged subject. Among all the graphic or pictorial evocations, nudity is the most common genre in Western painting, sometimes linked to memorable scandals if one thinks of paintings such as Edouard Manet’s Olympia (1863) and … Lire la suite

Informal artists’residences in Vauclin catalogue available online

Log on to our website: Given both its geographical location and insular characteristics, Martinique appears at first sight like an open space, a crossroads of various influences, Western, American, African and Oriental. Thus, it is all about opening to artists the doors of an island enriched with all these cultural inspirations and embrace Martinique … Lire la suite

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