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Artistic dynamics : towards a reshaping of our image of Saint – Pierre (Martinique)


L'atelier du Morne Rouge

L’atelier du Morne Rouge


In the Grand-Saint-Pierre Project, for whose conception and coordination Martinican writer Patrick Chamoiseau has been assigned, a call for artistic projects was made in the late months of 2012 by the Parc Naturel Régional – the institution in charge of the natural reserve of the region- who is supervising the whole project. This is the first step towards numerous large-scale projects.


L'atelier du Morne Rouge

L’atelier du Morne Rouge

The main objective is to extend as much as possible the international quality which is already existent as the city of Saint-Pierre has solicited that Mount Pelée be classified as UNESCO world heritage; also getting immediate protection of the sea wrecks which will constitute one of the main assets for the maritime heritage of Saint-Pierre, and then organizing numerous artistic events on the Caribbean northern coast.


Le plan d'insertion des totems

Le plan d’insertion des totems

Patrick Chamoiseau explains about the process of metamorphosis: ‘Metamorphosis is first a process, as Edgar Morin clearly explains. When the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, this alteration is spectacular, just like Utopia or fundamental revolution. But this radical transformation is made gradually, respecting the initial identity.  All the caterpillar genes will then develop in a sunlit energy to produce a butterfly. Saint-Pierre and Trois-Ilets with their memories, heritages, representatives, and inhabitants, will participate in the same process: the enlightenment of everyone’s imaginary, to create something new. When people mentioned Saint-Pierre to him, Picasso used to say: ‘The volcano has certainly destroyed everything, but it has also created something.’

Le projet de Laurent Valère

Le projet de Laurent Valère

In order to initiate this evolution, a group of visual artists was invited to create, using mahogany wood cylinders five meter-long, thirty-two totems to be erected temporarily at the southern entry to Saint-Pierre.

The seven nominees, Claude Cauquil, Yolanda Naranjo, François Piquet, Maure, Laurent Valére, Hervé Beuze, and Annabel Guerrero, are at work in SOCOMOR, the former factory in Morne-Rouge.

Open day presentations will give the public an opportunity to attend the work in progress and discover the productions while the artists are present.


Le projet d'Hervé Beuze

Le projet d’Hervé Beuze

Traduction : Suzanne Lampla



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