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Remix in the Caribbean 2016

Remix in the Caribbean Tropiques Atrium Scène nationale From May 12th to June 23th     As part of the Tropiques Atrium Scène Nationale’s Classics Revisited theme for the last trimester of the 2015-2016 season, the Remix in the Caribbean exhibition is coming to the Arsenec hall. The boundaries between appropriation, spin-off, remix, remake, cover … Lire la suite

Arrested Transmission: Art that Stays at a Global Periphery

 To read the Theory and art criticism in the Caribbean project presentation, click on this link Arrested Transmission: Art that Stays at a Global Periphery Leon Wainwright Key words: art, Caribbean, web, online, reception, United States, Alicia Alleyne, Carl Anderson, painting Abstract: A pattern has emerged in recent years not only of new art coming … Lire la suite

Stuart Hall

 Stuart Hall’s life and work proved inspirational throughout the Caribbean and wider diaspora, so his death has left so many of us with a deep sense of loss and sadness. He played a formative role in the Black Diaspora Visual Arts events organized in collaboration with AICA SC in Barbados and Martinique as well as … Lire la suite

Jean – Luc de Laguarigue : Nord Plage

  Some photographs from the Nord-Plage series by Jean-Luc de Laguarigue were exhibited some time ago in Fort-de-France Martinique prior to the presentation of the entire series due on the early weeks of 2014. These are the photographer’s answers to Aica-Southern Caribbean: How difficult is it for an artist and photographer to live and work … Lire la suite

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