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Barbados Community College Center for theVisual and Performing Arts

Barbados Community College Center for theVisual and Performing Arts Winston Kellman Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Local \Global Dynamics of Funding and Sponsorship in Caribbean Art Abstract The creative tension between the local and the global has been articulated in ways that illuminate the functioning and sustainability of artistic communities in the Caribbean. … Lire la suite

We Are One: A Tribute to Bill Grace

We are One: A Tribute to Bill Grace Pottery has it’s own language and inherent laws, and words have theirs, and neither can be bound by the other. Nevertheless a certain amount of translation and interpretation is possible provided a potter can find the words, or a writer insight into pottery. Bernard Leach, A Potter’s … Lire la suite

Caribbean Art Dub: A Hauntology by Annie Paul

Abstract The present paper outlines some of the connections establishes within the Caribbean artistic context. It tries to demonstrate that those artistic relations can be examined from the musical notion of “dub”, a version of already existing songs. Arising from that point, we will try to confront the Caribbean understood as a dub space. This … Lire la suite

There is a meeting here tonight de Stanley Greaves, œuvre emblématique de la Caraïbe

Stanley Greaves est un artiste né à Georgtown  au Guyana où il a grandi puis enseigné après des études au Royaume – Uni. Il s’est ensuite installé à Barbade en 1987. Il a représenté le Guyana à la Biennale de Sao Paulo à deux reprises. Il a exposé également à la biennale de Medellin en … Lire la suite

To be or not to be caribbean?

  What do the words “Caribbean art” suggest to today’s art-lover? A single type of exotic production confined to the Caribbean region or a few individual approaches rooted in the present and widely disseminated? Is it still relevant to group these artists together under a geographical banner? How can artists from the French West Indies … Lire la suite

Raquel Païewonsky invited at the next Venice biennal with Quintapata Could you  tell me first the different stages or steps of your artistic research from Vestial exhibited in Martinique in 2004 to now?  Vestial was a very important project for me, I presented it during the Caribbean Biennale in 2001, that was the year that I moved back to the Dominican Republic  from … Lire la suite

Barbados, Gallery of caribbean art : Two coulorists

BARBADOS GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART ALISON CHAPMAN-ANDREWS & TRACEY WILLIAMS TWO COLOURISTS   Although trained in English art schools, Alison’s  ” art vocabulary” was developed in the West Indian landscape, drawing in Barbados and Guyana. The rural environment of royal palms, fields and plants, became her inspiration and subject. As the subject was familiar and … Lire la suite

For a sensitive form of art criticism

How do you see your role as an art critic? Is there anything special about fulfilling this role in a Caribbean context The Aica Caraïbe du sud blog invites you to publish your analysis.   For a sensitive form of art criticism.                                                         Scarlett JESUS, art critic. When publishing my articles, I have two … Lire la suite

Alexandre Arrechea en Context Art Miami 2012

Alexandre Arrechea Entrevista con Carlos Garrido Castellano               C-¿Por qué decides empezar a trabajar en solitario, fuera de Los Carpinteros?             A-Pienso que ya había agotado ese mecanismo de hacer arte, que es hacer arte en equipo. Yo quería seguir siendo fiel a ese entrenamiento que yo tuve, y fundar una nueva Región. Reinventarme. … Lire la suite

No work from the French Departements of the Americas in Caribbean : Art at the crossroad of the world

No work from the French Departments of the Americas features in the Caribbean: Art at the Crossroads of the World catalogue Three museums in New York – El Museo del Barrio, Queens Museum of Art and The Studio Museum in Harlem – are holding a major cultural event from 12 June 2012 to 6 January … Lire la suite

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