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“Carte noire” for Eddy Firmin dit Ano in Fall 2021!


Press release 

The murder of Georges Floyd on May 25, during a police intervention, provoked worldwide emotion to the point of massively shaking Western consciousness about the existence of anti-black racism, disguised or even unconscious. Art Mûr has long been part of the awareness and encounter of all cultural communities. It is notably for this reason that the BACA (Contemporary Native Art Biennial) was initiated in 2012. The biennale exists to show local artists that there is a place for them. It is also essential to establish a dialogue between the different Indigenous cultures. The 5th edition of the BACA is currently curated by David Garneau assisted by Faye Mullen and rudi aker on the theme: Honouring Kinship. Emphasizing the importance of relationships has never been more fundamental. Hence, François St-Jacques and Rhéal Olivier Lanthier, the two co-directors of Art Mûr, want to make a concrete gesture to the African and Afrodescendant community. Eddy Firmin, an artist born in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), has been invited as curator to set up an exhibition of African and Afro-descendant artists in the gallery’s seven exhibition rooms.
Choosing Eddy Firmin was an obvious choice for us. Before the start of the lockdown, he had already accepted our invitation to represent him. We are happy to make this new decision official. It is exciting to deepen a long-term collaboration together. In addition, Eddy is interested in the politics of knowledge sharing, and through his work and research he reports on Afro-Caribbean practices under the yoke of servitude, domination and the tyranny of slavery, past and present. The Black Code (1685) no longer exists today to govern the inferior status and status of black individuals. But is not it appalling how the past still weighs on the present?
Eddy knows how to make visible certain facts of History and to propose solutions on the theory of the decolonization of knowledge and the decolonial option. It is an obvious fact that everyone must confront in order to envisage a better and egalitarian future for every life.
Eddy Firmin has “carte noire” to create an exhibition to break down prejudices and bring together the best of contemporary black art, in an exceptional year for Art Mûr, as the gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary!

This exhibition will bring together Canadian and international artists from September 11 to
30 October 2021.

More information, please communicate with : Noémie Chevalier, executive assistant /
tél. : 514-933-0711



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