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One of the major challenges in our Caribbean region, whether we deal with artists, collectors or cultural actors is the very incomplete knowledge of how the international art market works.

How is the ranking of artists decided?

Who is concerned by the process?

The notion of ranking for the painters has appeared in the nineteenth century when the development of the art market imposed an evaluation of the artists’ notoriety based on the prices paid for their works.

What does ranking means?

Ranking is the evaluation of goods. It cannot be confused with the result of a specific transaction but it is the result of the confrontation between offer and supply. It is a value reference calculated from a set of prices that it materializes. It must be based on numerous and varied transactions. It reflects the market.

After the editing of books listing the average prices paid to an artist in auction sales, today the websites about the ranking of artists are multiplying.

 Would you like to know which artists are more active on the art market? Or follow your own artistic evolution?

Artprice is a French operator that associates in an original style the market of knowledge and the market of products. It has developed a series of products towards better information for those who wish so, such as for example, an online evaluation of the sales of artworks, the editing of reports about the art market, or a confidence index of the art market actors. It offers databases on the ranking of the artists and of the works, some biographical details, and iconographic resources. The site is also reputed for its founder’s personality, Thierry Erhmann, the owner of The Abode of Chaos.

Are you a student? You will find on this site biographical and iconographic information about artists all over the world listed there. That is, today more than five hundred thousand (500, 000) artists.

Are you an amateur or a collector? You will be able to follow the evolution of your favourite artists’ rankings and create your own index, and receive warning messages about the coming auction sales about them.

Are you an artist? You can offer your works for sale through e- auction sales and create your own Artpricestore.

Would you wish to sell or buy an art work, you could use Artprice to evaluate it.

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