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Akuzuru : The Healing chambers

A k u z u r u On Art and Healing: Permutations and Transmutations of Self-Healing in my Praxis I have embarked on this wondrous journey in art envisioning toward realizing the vibrationally decisive advancement of the human consciousness. The awareness of the Supra-Mind lies on the foundation of self-healing, which intrinsically lies on the … Lire la suite


©Kanawa, caravelle &Co, work in progress KANAWA, CARAVEL & CO According to Michel Foucault’s concept, the boat epitomises a heterotopia, that is, « a thing floating in space, a place without a place, that lives by itself, enclosed on itself and at the same time given up to the infinity of the sea. From port to … Lire la suite

Reinventing the practice of painting

How are artists from Martinique questioning and renewing the act of painting? They are now exploring and experimenting with new tools, new pigments, new techniques, a new intervention in space and with a combination of approaches. Is it still possible to talk about painting in the singular when artists are inventing new techniques and new … Lire la suite

La Carifesta, un espace d’intégration culturelle caribéenne ?

  The Caribbean is an emotional federation Derek Walcott   L’intégration de cette mosaïque d’états et de territoires qu’est la Caraïbe est un long processus, amorcé dès les années quarante. L’émergence de diverses commissions en marque les étapes : commission anglo-américaine des Caraïbes, conseil des recherches des Caraïbes, Conférence des Indes occidentales, commission des Caraïbes, la … Lire la suite

Remix in the Caribbean 2016

Remix in the Caribbean Tropiques Atrium Scène nationale From May 12th to June 23th     As part of the Tropiques Atrium Scène Nationale’s Classics Revisited theme for the last trimester of the 2015-2016 season, the Remix in the Caribbean exhibition is coming to the Arsenec hall. The boundaries between appropriation, spin-off, remix, remake, cover … Lire la suite

Shirley Rufin : Painting with light

Painting with light Shirley Rufin solo show march 13th  to april 19th  Fondation Clément “A chacun sa chimère” (Everyone has their own chimera) is Shirley Rufin’s first solo exhibition. Most of the works presented were produced at the beginning of 2015, and there are some earlier works. Shirley Rufin’s creations have, however, already been available … Lire la suite

XII Habana Biennal 2015: between the idea and experience

XII Habana Biennal 2015 : the statement Between the Idea and Experience Habana , May 22- June 22 In the midst of the festivities on the 30th anniversary of the Havana Biennial, we are disclosing the curatorial proposal of its Twelfth Edition to take place from May 22 through June 22, 2015. Reviewing the history … Lire la suite

Art Absolument : the magazine and the Caribbean

Art Absolument magazine has for years been interested in Caribbean contemporary art. That is why June 2008 issue 25 included an important section about ten Martinican artists. In 2001 a special issue was dedicated to Caribbean art. You can discover this issue and leaf through it by logging in :   In a recent … Lire la suite

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