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The international diffusion of Caribbean art

What can we say today in 2012 about the international diffusion of Caribbean art? Lecture of Dominique Brebion  on 15 May 2012 at the University of Havana (11th Havana Biennial) It is an issue that concerns us all but to try to understand it fully, it is essential to distinguish between : institutional diffusion in … Lire la suite

Finding herself in performence

 by Therese Hadchity Is he a real person? Yes, but only in the movies. On October 28, some 20 people watched Barbadian artist Sheena Rose’s debut as a performance artist. The attendees responded to an invitation posted by the artist on Facebook some weeks before. The event, it had said, would take place at a … Lire la suite

Portraits and society

In his exhibition, Véyé la vi’w (“Look out for yourself”) on display from 9 November to 16 December at the Clément Foundation’s Case à Léo, Robert Charlotte plays the dual role of ethnologist and photographer, in order to document the cock-fighting scene in Martinique. Robert Charlotte presents about forty portraits of cockpit owners, soigneurs*, éperonneurs*, referees … Lire la suite

Retratos y sociedad

La exposición Véyé la vi’w (Préserves – toi) de Robert Charlotte, abierta del 9 de noviembre al 16 de diciembre en la Case à Léo de la Fondation Clément, responde a un doble encargo realizado a un etnólogo y a un fotógrafo para documentar el mundo de las peleas de gallos en Martinica. Robert Charlotte … Lire la suite

Cockfighting – some images from our environment

This recent series about the Pitt –or pit- by Robert Charlotte represents colour images of the cockfighting champions, the amateurs and their public. We notice at once that the photos exhibit neither the violence of the fights nor the contestants’ wounds. The Pitt, implanted for ages in our local environment constitutes a traditional site that … Lire la suite

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