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Amortir les coups par Natalie McGuire

Le fauteuil rose d’Ano et la comfort zone de la Caraïbe                Exposé dans la récente manifestation Global Caribbean IV, une œuvre d’Eddy Firmin dit Ano critique la structuration du milieu artistique, support de la création dans la Caraïbe. L’œuvre d’un rose soutenu ressemble à ce qu’Ano évoque comme un morceau de chewing- gum modelé … Lire la suite

Cushioning the Blow by Natalie McGuire

Ano’s Pink Chair and the comfort of the Caribbean     Exhibited in the recent Global Caribbean Project, a piece by Eddy Firmin (known as Ano) made a critical statement about the environment of support for creativity in the Caribbean. The deep-hued pink workresembles what Ano refers to as a “piece of chewing gum[1]” moulded … Lire la suite

Catalogue Global CaribbeanIV : Look Forward, not back

       The Little Haiti Cultural Center is pleased to present Global Caribbean IV: French West Indies & Guyana, Focus on the contemporary expression, which is being held in conjunction with the Art Basel Miami art fairs. This event presents an opportunity to re-think the position of contemporary art from Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French … Lire la suite

Global Caribbean IV à Miami

  Ano ( Guadeloupe) Chicklets Global Caribbean IV: French West Indies & Guiana, Focus on the Contemporary Expression Art Basel‐Miami 2012 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center  This fourth exhibition of Global Caribbean, entitled French West Indies & Guiana, Focus on the Contemporary Expression will present fourteen artists of the French Caribbean. The very prestigious … Lire la suite

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