leonwainwright a écrit 2 articles de Aica Caraïbe du Sud

Sustainable Art Communities: Creativity and Policy in the Transnational Caribbean ‘Sustainable Art Communities: Creativity and Policy in the Transnational Caribbean’ is a two-year international research project that explores how the understanding and formation of sustainable community for the Caribbean and its global diaspora may be supported by art practice, curating and museums. The project fosters networks of exchange and collaboration among academics, artists, curators … Lire la suite

Caribbean Urban Aesthetics

‘Caribbean Urban Aesthetics is a new project initiated in 2013 by Dr Leon Wainwright (Department of Art History) and Dr Clare Melhuish  (Department of Geography) at which explores the intersection of aesthetics and urban place at a number of different sites in the Caribbean region and its diaspora, crossing linguistic boundaries. On 21st and … Lire la suite

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