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Akuzuru : The Healing chambers

A k u z u r u On Art and Healing: Permutations and Transmutations of Self-Healing in my Praxis I have embarked on this wondrous journey in art envisioning toward realizing the vibrationally decisive advancement of the human consciousness. The awareness of the Supra-Mind lies on the foundation of self-healing, which intrinsically lies on the … Lire la suite

Self-healing with Iyawo

*Iyawó is Holly Bynoe name for the initiation period as priestess in the Afro Caribbean tradition Lucumî/La Regla de Ocha The healing and self-healing thematic is now coming up more and more frequently in the creations and reflections of artists. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Healing a Broken World seminar and digital publication, the Reset … Lire la suite

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