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6Th Ghetto biennal : call for artists and curators

A call for artists and curators (calls in Kreyòl, 官话, Português, لغة العربية, Español, русский, Ελληνικά, Deutsche, Français, नॉट available soon on the website) ‘Every form of enslavement generates in one way or another an opposing struggle for liberation’ Carolyn E. Fick, The Making of Haiti, (The University of Tennessee Press 1990) The Haitian … Lire la suite

The 3rd Ghetto Biennale 2013: Decentering the Market and Other Tales of Progress

Artists start arriving from 26th November 2013 Opening of the Ghetto Biennale 13th December 2013 Ghetto Biennale Congress 15th December 2013 Ghetto Biennale, 622 Blvd Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Port-au-Prince, Haiti Participating artists Getho Jean Baptiste (HT), Ronald Bazile (aka Cheby) (HT), Wesner Bazile (HT), Katy Beinart (UK), Tom Bogaert (BE), Emilie Boone (US), Anna Bruinsma … Lire la suite

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