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I have known Alison Chapman-Andrews for nearly forty years and during that time l have written about her work in catalogue essays and her entry in Art in Barbados: What kind of Mirror Image? In addition, we have exhibited together, Collage and Coincidence, 2002 and on most Wednesday afternoons we talk art and look at … Lire la suite

BILL GRACE, Master Ceramist – by Stanley Greaves

 The following article appeared in the catalogue for the memorial exhibition, « We Are One: A Tribute to Bill Grace, » organized by PUNCH Creative Arena at the Barbados Community College, October 22-November 5, 2014.     It was mid 1980’s when I first met Bill. I was attending a meeting of the first CXC Art and … Lire la suite

We Are One: A Tribute to Bill Grace

We are One: A Tribute to Bill Grace Pottery has it’s own language and inherent laws, and words have theirs, and neither can be bound by the other. Nevertheless a certain amount of translation and interpretation is possible provided a potter can find the words, or a writer insight into pottery. Bernard Leach, A Potter’s … Lire la suite

Carnivale – An Exhibition by Kraig Yearwood at PUNCH Creative Arena, Barbados

Empty Fairground When the artist names his exhibition ‘Carnivale’ he wants to prepare you to be shocked and disgusted. Delighted and repulsed. He presents his mind to you as a sideshow and invites you to ogle at his thoughts, disturbing as they may be. Kraig Yearwood sets up an intriguing premise with the title of … Lire la suite

Versia Harris, conversation with Allison Thompson

In the brief two years since Versia Harris graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Division of Fine Arts at the Barbados Community College (BCC), she has participated in no less than four different artists’ residencies. (Prior to finishing her studies, she also participated in a local Projects and Space Residency in … Lire la suite

PUNCH Creative Arena, a new initiative for creative action in Barbados

PUNCH Creative Arena is a new initiative for creative action launched in Barbados in October 2013.  Centered in the Division of Fine Arts at the Barbados Community College, PUNCH’s aim is to  bridge the gap between students, faculty and the wider community by showcasing and interrogating creative practice with a multi-disciplinary focus on local, regional … Lire la suite

Barbados, Gallery of caribbean art : Two coulorists

BARBADOS GALLERY OF CARIBBEAN ART ALISON CHAPMAN-ANDREWS & TRACEY WILLIAMS TWO COLOURISTS   Although trained in English art schools, Alison’s  ” art vocabulary” was developed in the West Indian landscape, drawing in Barbados and Guyana. The rural environment of royal palms, fields and plants, became her inspiration and subject. As the subject was familiar and … Lire la suite

Atkinson and Whittle : Gender Stereotype Dissolution in Barbados by Natalie McGuire

With the highest number of churches per square mile, it is a fair deduction to say that Barbados has a strong (religious) moral compass. In 2012 just under 80% of the population stated affiliation with a religion1, mainly a vein of Christianity. One of the aspects of Christianity is the strict perception of gender and … Lire la suite

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