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International award for art criticism

These new annual International Awards for Art Criticism are open to candidates from anywhere in the world, writing in Chinese or English about any contemporary art exhibition held between 1 January and 30 September 2014. The First Prize consists of a cash award of 50,000 RMB (6,000 Euros) and a fully funded two-week residency in … Lire la suite

Aica Sweden : Art Criticism in the future media landscape

Panel discussion: Art criticism in the future media landscape  Moderna Museet, the Auditorium Friday 22 March at 3-5 pm.  Welcome address by Ann-Sofi Noring, Co-Director of Moderna Museet. Opening address by Christian Chambert, President of AICA Sweden. Short talk by Marek Bartelik on the situation in the USA, also highlighting the international perspective. This will … Lire la suite

For a sensitive form of art criticism

How do you see your role as an art critic? Is there anything special about fulfilling this role in a Caribbean context The Aica Caraïbe du sud blog invites you to publish your analysis.   For a sensitive form of art criticism.                                                         Scarlett JESUS, art critic. When publishing my articles, I have two … Lire la suite

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